Rising Youth-Made with a purpose,
Raised with Principles and Values
Are you concerned about the current public education system? Or that government and teachers unions have too much control over what is being taught to todays youth? 
Do you feel that theories are being taught as facts to our future generation?  Or that controversial topics are being discussed with your student by public school employees, without your consent?
Many are taking notice that the educational system is becoming more and more biased, and in some subjects explicit and inappropriate for our youth.
As a donor, you will be helping empower people in our Minnesota communities ,  to gain some control over our youths education. 
You'll support new and established  home, micro and pod schools with support, materials and resources they require to be successful. 
You'll be helping educators, parents, neighbors, and citizens find resources to navigate our educational system, to raise strong and confident youth.
You'll also be supporting our youth events, that focus on teaching our youth life skills, taking responsibility for themselves, helping others, and  building strong family and community connections





At Home educational resource- Making the choice and implementing education at home. 

Home school- is an education choice to teach at home and freedom to choose how you feel fit to teach your student. You choose when, how and where to educate.  Mn state requires one approved test per year and an initial registry that is made simple with one form. 

How To Pod

Pod School-  a small group of children that meets regularly for educational purposes to learn and socialize together.  Community families working together to provide a more flexible alternative to home education, by each taking a day or time frame to educate each others children, based on availability and schedules.

 Home School Free Printables

Free Worksheets and activities designed to help jump start the younger students. 



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