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Questions you should be asking your teachers unions and school boards

Question #1.

Why is BLM activist groups literature being pushed throughout our education system?  Literal documents created by BLM are shared on the teacher’s union website and directed for educators to use as curriculum and as “fact sheets” See the-

“Talking to Kids about Racism & injustice (Oakland Park Library)” section of the Resources page on the MN teacher’s union website-   https://www.educationminnesota.org/advocacy/Social-justice/Resources 

Question #2.

Why Is American Hate being pushed in our schools? Why have they labeled Christian Identity and patriotism in with organizations such as the KKK and Neo-Nazis.

You can find this on the teacher’s union website resource page “Confronting white nationalism"- https://www.educationminnesota.org/advocacy/Social-justice/Resources 

Question #3.

Why is Comprehensive Sex Ed being allowed in the classroom?

CSE allows Planned Parenthood and gender identity activists into your child’s classroom and allows them to function as educators even though they are unlicensed.

CSE is actually by design, grooming children for early sexual activity making them vulnerable targets for sexual abuse, experimentation, and trafficking.

Per the Child Protection League: On April 23, 2019, a majority of State Representatives in the MN House voted to mandate (H.F. 1414) every Pre-K-12 public/ charter school to teach “Comprehensive” Sex Ed (CSE). CSE removes all natural and protective boundaries for children and teens, encouraging early sexual exploration in graphic detail. CSE uses pornographic illustrations and graphic descriptions to teach children as young as 10 that all “consensual” sexual activity is their “right”.- https://cplaction.com/ 


These pages are disturbing for even some adults- yet this is an example/part of what is in many of our MN school libraries and even curriculum.


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