Rising Youth-Made with a purpose,
Raised with Principles and Values

Rising Youth

Empowering parents, educators and community members with the resources and knowledge to choose an education platform that supports individual family values and encourages community connections.  

    Education takes on many forms;

    Private, Home, Pod, Micro, Magnet, Charter, and Public education.

    At Rising Youth, we want to work on education at a community level

    We recognize that parents, teachers, and students who have a more conservative approach to living, are often made to feel like the minority in the public school system.

    Because of this, we often remain silent and do not speak up  when our kids are exposed to biased opinions and theories on controversial topics within the public school system.

    At Rising Youth, we strive to help create an educational environment that empowers parents and care givers to have more of an impact on what our children are exposed to, while also having a more hands on approach to addressing the needs of each individual child.  

    Rising Youth-  is a place for parents, teachers and students to speak out on education related issues and work together to find real solutions. 

    We network with a multitude of organization and educators around MN. allowing us to share ideas, resources, tools and support for a solid education for all children.

    Our youth program offers fun and life enriching activities that are self esteem, and confidence building. That promote family values and community involvement.

    These events are free, although donations are appreciated, as they are what keep us able to continue to offer these services to our students.

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    Come join the conversation - Where your voice matters

    Making a difference in our communities starts with realizing we are all made with purpose.

    We must strive to raise our youth to have principles and values.

    Help our Non-Profit (501c3)  to help others find and successfully maintain an education platform that best fits the needs of their lifestyle, values and individual needs.

    Rising Youth Team

    Founder - Jen

    I am a conservative mother of three and grandmother of two amazing littles. 

    Previously serving on  the school board of a local charter school, and child care provider for over 15 years.

    Operating as State Director of Minnesota Rising has opened my eyes to a lot of horrible things happening in our state and within the education system.  I aim to share that knowledge and provide resources to other concerned parents so that they can make the absolute best choices for their children. 

    I firmly believe this country belongs to the next generation.  So lets make sure we raise them with purpose, confidence and the education to be able to stand as the true American leaders.- Jen Leigh

    Co-Founder - Mel

    (Pictured with CPL and Kendal Qualls)

    Homeschool mom of three kids-

    striving to help create an environment that empowers parents and caregivers to have an impact and choice as to what their children are being exposed to while in the classroom.  I recognize that the "one size fits all" approach to education is failing many students. 

    It is time to restructure education on a community level.

    Public Relations Manager- Walter 

    In the end, it will not be enough to say that “He lived a good life” but rather “he did good with every life that he touched”.
    I am a husband, father of four, stepfather, grandfather of many and my hopes are to be a mentor to all of them.  I have a career of twenty-one years, served honorably for seven years as an Aviation Electricians Mate (AE) in the United States Navy, (the world’s finest) and that experience combined with my faith fuels my passion and love for our country. And so my “service” continues.  I have a solid belief that it is our solemn duty as citizens to prepare the next generations and provide them with opportunities better than our own. To protect them, guide them and set the example for them to do the same. I also believe that we are in a battle for the souls of our youth and the only way to prevail is by removing the strongholds of today’s Public “Education” indoctrinations. I am grateful and honored to be on the front lines during this critical moment to provide support in returning the power of learning curriculum back to individuals and their families.